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High Performance Programmable DC Power Supply
SP-1U/2U Series
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Key Features:

  • Low ripple and noise
  • High accuracy and high resolution
  • CC and CV working mode switch freely
  • Support LIST/SEQUENCE file editing
  • Remote compensation
  • With external analog control input interface
  • Standard USB/LAN/RS485/RS232 communication interface
  • Master/Slave parallel and series operation mode for up to 10 units
APM provides stable DC output and a wide range of voltage and current. For single unit, current range could reach to 200A. Voltage range could reach to 800V. One unit programmable power supplier could substitute several rectangular power. It could output multiple voltage and current group, set timed output time, provide OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, SCP via front panel or PC. It supports list file function with built-in automotive electronics test waveform.
Standard interfaces include RS232, RS485, USB, LAN.  GPIB interface is optional.

APM’s SP Series 1U/2U programmable DC power supplies have many features including: high precision and resolution, 0.05 % voltage accuracy, 0.1 % current accuracy, 0.1 mV voltage resolution, 0.2 mA current resolution, high efficiency, low ripple and noise, and multiple communication interfaces, which allows for a more flexible and easy-to-use power supply.

Applications: Automotive electronics product testing, and voltage waveform simulation of automobile under different conditions. Medical device testing, as well as integration into medical equipment. Aviation/aerospace electronic products testing. Burn in test of LED driver and LED products. Household product testing. Laboratory testing in colleges & universities, certification institutions, and research centres.

Short Mode Function
This function is applicable to cable/fuse current carrying capacity test, when activated , the power supply will shutdown the shortcircuit protection function and maintain ultra- low voltage to output rated current.
Timer Control function
This function is applicable to unattended occasions, activate the timer and the output, the screen will show the countdown of the timer. Once it reaches down to zero, the supply will turn off the output automatically. And the full protection of the power supply will make sure the safe usage of this function.
External Control Function
This series power supply can offer external voltage/ potentiometers control output, can be controlled by external voltage(0~5V) or external potentiometers(5~10K) in order to remotely adjust the power supply voltage and current regulation settings and the output status of the power supply.
Measure Average Function
Under this mode, if the DUT has a sharp change in voltage and current, the averaging times can be adjusted to be FAST, MEDIUM or SLOW to make the displayed value more stable.
Current Counting Function
This function offers testing of the cutoff time of a breaker or a fuse.
Starts timing when the current reaches the circuit breaker or fuse's fusing current Ib, stops timing when disconnected, the timing
resolution is up to 200ms.
Quick Recall Function
Support to recall the stored parameters directly by the numeric keys on the front panel.
Firstly, user stores the frequently used data in the power supply's memory, press the numeric key directly after entering the quick
recall mode, can quick recall the datas which are stored in 【1】~【9】.
LIST Waveform Editing Function
This series power supply supports 3 kinds of LIST file editing format in order to meet the output elements of different test requirements.
The minimum resolution of time setting is 1ms.

Impulse File Format
Sets the trend of the output voltage over time and its duration. Set the mode of the output waveform execution as required, LOOP ,CONT, STEP.
Slope File Format
Support to set the slope of output voltage, achieve to slowly increase and drop of the output voltage. Set the mode of the output waveform execution as required, LOOP, CONT, STEP.
SEQUENCE Waveform Editing function
This function is an upgrade version of the LIST file editing. Its every step is a complete LIST file. It can combine several LIST file and output, meanwhile, it can set the number of repetitions per LIST file and number of executions of the entire SEQUENCE file.
Remote Compensation Function
This function is applicable to compensate the voltage drop on the load line in order to improve the accuracy of test. In practical applications, even if the voltage drop is negligible, it is best to connect the remote compensation cable to the output terminal. When using the remote compensation functionality, please disconnect the S+, S- from the power supply's output terminal, and connect them to both ends of the DUT. Maximum compensation voltage is up to 5V. The output power need be lower than 1.05% of the rated power after compensation.
Anti reverse irrigation/Power Sink Function
This series power supply has protection against reverse irrigation, so as to cut off the current of DUT in a certain test condition to the direction of power supply, and prevent the damage to the power supply hardware circuit from DUT.
Meanwhile, this series power supply comes standard with short circuit copper sheet. When the test requires the power supply to
absorb the spike generated by DUT to ensure the safety of the operation, the short-circuit copper piece can be connected, and
the energy is absorbed by the output capacitor inside the power supply and other circuits.

SP Series 1U Power Supplies

Models available: 600, 1000, 1200 and 1500 watts.

Models available: 20, 32, 40, 75, 120, 150, 200, 400 & 600 output voltage.

SP Series 2U Power Supplies

Models available: 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000 watts.

Models available: 32, 40, 75, 80, 120, 200, 600 & 800 output voltage.
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