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Capacitance Meter mod. 11020

11020 Capacitance Meter
Chroma model 11020 Capacitance Meter

11020 Data Sheet
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  • Test frequencies: 100Hz, 120Hz, and 1kHz
  • Basic accuracy: 0.1%
  • High measurement speed:
      5ms in 1kHz
      15ms in 100Hz/120Hz
  • Large LCD display (240x64 dot-matrix)
  • Wide measurement range: 0.1pF-4.000F
  • Standard Handler interface.
  • Comparator and Pass/Fail alarming beeper function.
  • Setups backup function

The Chroma 11020 Capacitance Meter is a high-speed precision Capacitance Meter. Provides 100Hz, 120Hz, and 1kHz test frequencies. Measurement time is only 5 milliseconds in 1kHz, and less than 15 milliseconds in 100Hz and 120Hz test frequencies. Combine with 0.1% basic accuracy and standard Handler interface, enable the Chroma 11020 to be used on high speed production line for various capacitors.

100Hz, 120Hz and 1KHz test frequencies
100Hz and 120 Hz test frequencies are generally used in capacitance measurement of electrolytic capacitors which are used as power line voltage rectifiers. 1KHz is generally used in capacitance measurement of ceramic and film capacitors.

5ms measurement in 1KHz
For high speed capacitance check in the ceramic capacitor automatic production line and package machines, the Chroma 11020 uses digital sampling technology to perform a 5ms high speed measurement with high accuracy.

15ms measurement in 100Hz/ 120Hz
Wave period of low frequency as 100Hz is long as 10ms. This causes longer measurement time for general LCR meter or capacitance meter. The Chroma 11020 uses high speed digital sampling technology to shorten sampling time to 1 period, to perform an excellent measurement speed in low frequency capacitance measurement. This is great help in electrolytic capacitor automatic production.

Large capacitance measurement
Capacitance larger than 100mF is extremely difficult in capacitance measurement because of extremely low impedance in 100Hz/120Hz. The Chroma 11020 keeps excellent measurement accuracy in low impedance measurement for large capacitance measurement.

0.01 pF measurement resolution
General LCR meter or capacitance checker provides 0.1pF measurement resolution only. The Chroma 11020 provides 0.01pF measurement resolution, which is proper to be used in low capacitance ceramic , mica, PS capacitors out-going capacitance check.

HI/GO/LO Comparator
The Chroma 11020 has comparator function to judge HI/GO/LO of capacitance measured result, and to judge GO/NG of D factor. And an alarming beeper for total GO/NG judge.

Trigger Delay Time
For large capacitance measurement in automatic production, a RC (meter output resistance and unknown capacitance ) delay time for test signal transient is necessary. The Chroma 11020 provides trigger delay time for it, and is convenience for automatic equipment timing adjustment.


Model      Description
11020  Capacitance Meter
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A110211  Component Test Fixture
A110212  Component Remote Test Fixture
A110234  High Frequency Test Cable
A133004  SMD Test Box

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