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Capacitor Leakage Current Meter mod. 11200

11200 Leakage Current Meter
Chroma model 11200
Capacitance Leakage Current Meter

11802 Data Sheet
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  • Electrolytic capacitor leakage current test function
  • Insulation Resistance (IR) test function
  • Constant current DC power source with discharge function
  • Forward voltage function for Diode, LED, Zener Diode and Varistor
  • Surge voltage test function for electrolytic capacitor (JIS C5101/5102/5140/5141)
  • Option contact check function to improve test reliability
  • Basic accuracy: 0.3%
  • Aluminum-foil withstand voltage and rise-time test function (For EIAJ RC-2364A)
  • Precision low constant current charge capability (0.5mA ± 0.05mA, meet EIAJ RC-2364A requirement for withstand voltage testing of lower WV aluminum-foil)
  • Large charge current (500mA) capability to fasten charge speed
  • 1.0V ~ 650V / 800V DC voltage source
  • 0.001uA - 20.00mA leakage current test range with 4 digits resolution
  • Standard RS232 interface
  • Optional GPIB & Handler interface
  • Digital timer inside
  • Comparator and pass/fail alarming beeper function
  • Large LCD display (240 x 64 dot-matrix)
  • Friendly user interface
  • Easy use graphic user interface : softpanel (Option)

The Chroma 11200 Capacitor Leakage Current/IR Meter is Chroma's newest digital leakage current meter. Provides DC 1~650 V, 0.5mA~500mA (150mA for V>100V) DC power source or DC 1~800V, 0.5mA~500mA (50mA for V>100V) DC power source. Mainly used for electrolytic capacitor leakage current testing, and aluminum-foil withstand voltage testing (EIAJ RC-2364A). And also can be used for active voltage checking or leakage current testing of absorber, Zener diode, and Neon lamp etc.

Contact failure between a DUT and the measurement plane of an automatic component handler is a factor for compare error in production line testing. Contact check using the built-in measurement function (option) improves the accuracy and efficiency of comparing.

Standard RS232 interface, optional GPIB & Handler interface, high speed and stable measurement capabilities enable the Chroma 11200 can be used for both component evaluation on the production line and fundamental leakage current testing for bench-top applications.


Model      Description
11200  Capacitor Leakage Current / IR Meter 650V
11200-800  Capacitor Leakage Current / IR Meter 800V
A110235  GPIB & Handler Interface
A110236  19" Rack Mounting Kit
A112001  Triangle Test Fixture
A112004  Softpanel Software for Model 11200
A112006  Contact Check Function for automation test

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