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Ripple Current Tester mod. 11801

11801 Ripple Current Tester
Chroma model 11801
Ripple Current Tester

11801 Data Sheet
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  • Patent designed four-wires series and parallel for measuring fixture to ensure ripple voltage and current measurement accuracy (in applying)
  • Patent designed copper foil transmission test cable for reducing load effect cause by high frequency, to ensure ripple voltage and current measurement accuracy (in applying)
  • Large LCD display (320x240 dot-matrix), with larger screen for reading the test result conveniently
  • Computer digital setting input method, display setting condition and test value accurately
  • Sine wave is generated by digital frequency synthesis with 'high stability' and 'high reliability' characteristics
  • DC BIAS max. be able to adjust to 500V DC or 200mA range, high and low voltage capacitor are suitable
  • When end the test, DUT capacitor automatic discharge to protect the operational personnel safety
  • Capable of providing RS485 interface card and computer link
  • Capable of adjusting VDC and Vpeak ripple voltage automatically to meet working voltage or rated voltage test conditions
  • Capable of measuring up to 100kHZ for 20 capacitors simultaneously

Chroma 11801 ripple current tester is the experience and technology accumulation for several years. According to JIS-C-5102 test method to design large LCD display and computer digital programmable precision measurement instrument, which aim at electrolytic capacitor, tantalum capacitor and solid-state capacitor manufacturers to execute life test instead of wasting time and complicated traditional operation method.

To simplify the operation setting procedure and automatic discharge function for ensuring the operational personnel safety, also connect with the computer through RS485 to record the related data of testing ripple current.

Chroma 11801 provides the measurement fixture for series and parallel, it improve the loss effectively as high frequency measurement cause by the test cable and fixture. Working voltage or rated voltage measurement specification too low will result in the manufacturer's verification invalid problem.

The precise measurement data and humanization operation not only promote reliability of life test but also assure product quality. It is the best choice in measurement.

Large LCD Display
Users can operate instrument easily with great view of setting functions and test result.


Model      Description
11801  Ripple Current Tester
A118004  Series Test Fixture
A118005  Parallel Test Fixture

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