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Multi-Channel Hipot Tester - series 19020

Multi-Channel Hipot Tester
Chroma Model 19020  
Multi-Channel Hipot Tester  

19020 Data Sheet
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  • 10/4 channels in one design
  • 10 sets of sync output and measurement
  • AC/DC/IR 3 in 1 EST test
  • Master/Slave link - 10 units max.
  • Programmable V-output and limits
  • OSC (Open/Short Check)
  • Flashover detection
  • 1MΩ~50GΩ insulation resistance test
  • Standard RS-232 / Handler interface
  • Optional GPIB interface
  • Large LCD panel
  • Panel lockup function
  • Easy operating interface
  • CE Mark
  • High Efficiency Hipot Test Solution

High Efficiency Hipot Test Solution
Hipot test is one of the major test items in electrical safety test. All electrical components and products including transformers, capacitors, power supplies, chargers and home appliances all require hipot test.

With more than 20 years experience in developing the instruments for test and measurement, Chroma creates the 19020 multi-channel hipot tester with a brand new architecture. It can measure the hipot leakage current of all channels at the same time and conduct tests on 100 DUTs at most simultaneously.

There is no need to purchase various Hipot testers to save the production line space if Chroma 19020 is in use. Its one time multi-channel test can increase the efficiency of electrical regulatory test. It improves the productivity and reduces the risk of test for the products that require hipot test only.

Chroma 19020 also has powerful functions in Flashover detection and Open/Short Check. It contains several international patents and is the best tool for electrical regulatory hipot test as not only reliable quality can be obtained, highly efficient test platform can be created.

World's First Sync Hipot Test (Patent Registered)
Chroma 19020 has equipped with the world's first sync hipot test function that one single unit can perform 10 channels sync output and measurements simultaneously. Maximum 10 units (master & slave) can be controlled to have 100 channels in total. They can be grouped for output to avoid creating voltage difference due to adjacent tests as well as to improve the productivity.



Model      Description
19020  Multi-Channel Hipot Tester
19020-4  Multi-Channel Hipot Tester (4CH)
19021  Multi-Channel Hipot Tester (AC)
19022-4  Multi-Channel Hipot Tester (DC/IR/4CH)
19022  Multi-Channel Hipot Tester (DC/IR)
A190200  19" rack mounting kit for 19020
A190508  GPIB Interface

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