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Multi-Hipot Tester
Model 19052/19053/19054

Multi-Hipot Tester 19052
Chroma Model 19052/19053/19054
Multi-Hipot Tester

19052/19053/19054 Data Sheet
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  • Ground Fault Interruption shutdown the instrument when imbalance current is > 0.5mA, providing the highest protection capability
  • TUV approved (19052/19054)
  • CE certified (19052/19054)
  • Programmable output voltage up to 5kV AC and 6kV DC
  • Insulation resistance measurements from 1MΩ to 50GΩ
  • Ground continuity check with 1Ω Limit
  • Arc detection with programmable limit
  • Large LCD display (240 x 64dot matrix) can supply great view of test result and setting functions
  • Programmable high and low limits
  • Programmable ramp and test times
  • Front panel lockout
  • Quick discharge of DUT in IR and DC hipot
  • Storage of 99 test setups with multiple steps per measurement
  • Remote control and printer/RS-232/GPIB interfaces
  • Real or total current measurement
  • 8 channels scanner (19053)
  • 4 channels scanner (19054)
  • EMC only (19053)

  • Production test of appliances, instruments and information technology equipment in accordance with UL, IEC, TUV and other standards such as EN 60335, EN 60950, EN 61010, CSA C22.2 No.1010.1, UL 3111 and UL 1950
  • Transformer electrical safety test
  • Electric motor safety test
  • Various electronic components tests

Complete Dielectric Testing Solution
The Chroma Hipot Tester 19050 series provide 3 models for choice. The 19052 for AC/DC/IR Hipot testing and Insulation Resistance (IR) measurements, the 19053 which combines both AC and DC Hipot tests and IR measurements with 8HV scan channel capability into a single compact unit, and the 19054 which combines both AC and DC Hipot tests and IR measurements with 4HV scan channel capability into a single compact unit. Digital display and user friendly control allows test parameters and limits to be set easily without the high voltage activating.

The 19050 series electrical safety tester are advanced digital hipots with load and line regulation to ensure the measurement integrity. Multi-step capability allows users to perform multiple tests in a sequence such as AC hipot followed by IR.

The 19052 AC/DC/IR Hipot Tester performs AC/DC dielectric withstand (hipot) tests. The test of AC voltage can be programmed in the range of 50V AC to 5kV AC with a resolution of 2V. Its maximum total output current is 30mA. The test of DC voltage can be programmed in the range from 50V DC to 6kV DC with a resolution of 2V. The maximum total current is 10mA. The IR measurement range is from 1MΩ to 50GΩ with test voltages from 50 to 1000V DC.
The 19053 AC/DC/IR/SC Hipot Tester has all of the features of the 19052 plus 8HV Scan Channels for multi-point testing.
The 19054 AC/DC/IR/SC Hipot Tester has all of the features of the 19052 plus 4HV Scan Channels for multi-point testing.

Quick Discharge
In DC hipot and IR tests the device under test is discharged back through the HV transformer. This technique results in a rapid and safe discharge.

Ground Continuity Check
All of the 19050 series testers have a ground continuity check feature to determine the resistance, that is between the ground blade of power cord and any exposed metal on the product, is less than 1Ω.

Ground Fault Interrupters (GFI)
GFI is required by the National Electrical Code in wet locations. Such devices automatically interrupt power when a ground current > 0.5mA exists for more than a few milli-seconds to protect users.  


Model 19052 19053 19054
Withstanding Voltage Test
Output Voltage AC : 0.05 ~ 5kV, DC : 0.05 ~ 6kV
Load Regulation 1% + 5V
Voltage Resolution 2V
Voltage Accuracy 1% + 5 counts
Cutoff Current AC : 30mA, DC : 10mA
Current Resolution AC : 1µA, DC : 0.1µA
Current Accuracy 1% + 5 counts (5% + 20 counts for real current)
Output Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Test Time 0.3 ~ 999 sec., continue
Ramp up Time 0.3 ~ 99.9 sec., off
Waveform Sine wave
Insulation Resistance Test
Output Voltage DC : 0.05 ~ 1kV DC : 0.05 ~ 1kV
Voltage Resolution 2V 2V
Voltage Accuracy 1.5% + 5 V 1.5% + 5V
IR Range 0.1MΩ~ 50GΩ 0.1MΩ~ 10GΩ
Resistance Resolution 0.1MΩ 0.1MΩ
Resistance Accuracy ≥ 500V : 1MΩ~1GΩ: ±5% + 10 counts,
1GΩ~10GΩ: ±10% + 10 counts
10GΩ~15GΩ: ±15% + 10 counts,
< 500V : 0.1MΩ~1GΩ: ±10% +10 counts
Scanner Unit -- -- 8 ports, ±phase 4 ports, ±phase
Arc Detection
Setting Mode Programmable setting
Detection Current AC : 1mA ~ 15mA, DC : 1mA ~ 10mA
Minimum Pulse Width 10µs approx.
Secure Protection Function
Fast Output Cut-off 0.4ms after NG happen
Fast DC discharge 0.2 sec.
Ground Fault Interrupt (GFI) 0.5mA ± 0.2mA AC (Low), 5mA ± 2mA AC (High), Close
Panel Operation Lock Present password
Continuity Check Current 0.1A, 1Ω ± 0.2Ω, Off
GO/NG Judgment Window
Indication, Alarm GO: Short sound, Green LED; NG: Long sound, RED LED
Data Hold Least tests data memories
Memory Storage 99 steps or 99 groups for total 500 memory locations
Remote Connector
Real Panel 9 pin D-type connector Input : Start, Stop, Interlock (at 11 pin terminal block only)
Output : Under test, Pass, Fail
Operation Environment Temperature : 0 ~ 40°C, Humidity : ≤ 80% RH
Power Consumption No load : < 100W.   With rated load : 500W max.
Power Requirements 100V/120V/ 220V AC ±10%, 240V AC +5%~ -10%, 50/60Hz
Weight 14kg 15kg 15kg
Dimension(W X H X D) 320 x 105 x 400mm


Model      Description
19052 AC/DC/IR Hipot Tester
19053 AC/DC/IR Hipot Tester 8ch Scan
19054 AC/DC/IR Hipot Tester 4ch Scan
A190501 Manual Operation TR. Scan Box
A190512 Auto Control TR. Scan Box
A190513 Auto Control Dual TR. Scan Box
A190508 GPIB Interface
A190510 Printer Interface
A190702 40kV Test Probe

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