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Programmable DC Electronic Load
6310A series

6310A Programmable DC Electronic Load
Model 6310A Series
Programmable DC Electronic Load

6310A Data Sheet
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  • Max Power: 200W, 100W x 2 (Dual), 30W & 250W, 300W, 600W, 1200W
  • Wide range 0~500V operating voltage
  • Compatibility between 6310 and 6310A
  • Up to eight channels in one mainframe, for testing multiple output SMPS
  • Parallel load modules up to 1200W for high current and power applications
  • Synchronization with multiple loads
  • Flexible CC, CR, CP and CV operation modes
  • Dynamic loading with speeds up to 20kHz
  • Fast response of 0.32mA/µs ~ 10A/µs slew rate
  • Minimum input resistance allows the load to sink high current at low voltages
  • Real time power supply load transient response simulation and output measurements
  • User programmable 100 sequences. Front panel input status for user-friendly operation
  • High/Low limits of testing parameters to test GO/NG
  • Digital I/O control
  • Over current protection (OCP) testing function
  • 16-bit precision voltage and current measurement with dual-range
  • Remote sensing capability
  • Short circuit test
  • Self-test at power-on
  • Full Protection: OV, OC, OP, OT and reverse protection
  • USB, GPIB & RS-232 interfaces

The Chroma 6310A series Programmable DC Electronic Load is ideal for the test and evaluation of multi-output AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters, chargers and power electronic components. It is designed for applications in research and development, production, and incoming inspection. The system is configured by plugging the user selectable load modules into the system mainframe. The user interfaces include an ergonomically designed user friendly keypad on the front panel and the following computer interfaces: RS-232, USB or GPIB.

The 6310A series offers 8 different modules with power ratings from 100 watts to 1,200 watts, current ratings from 0.5mA to 240A, and voltage ratings from 0.5mV to 500V. The loads can be operated in constant current, constant voltage, constant power and constant resistance and may be placed in parallel for increased current and power.

The 6310A series can simulate a wide range of dynamic loading applications. The waveforms programmable parameters include: slew rate, load level, duration and conducting voltage. In addition, up to 100 sets of system operating status can be stored in EEPROM and recalled instantly for automated testing applications.

Real time measurement of voltage and current are integrated into each 6310A load module using a 16-bit precision measurement circuit. The user can perform on line voltage measurements and adjustments or simulate short circuit test using the user friendly keypad on the front panel. Additionally, the 6310A series offers an optional remote controller for automated production lines.

The 6310A series has a self-diagnosis routines to maintain instrument performance. It also provides OP, OC, OT protection, and alarm indicating OV, reverse polarity to guarantee quality and reliability for even in the most demanding engineering testing and ATE applications.

Module Load Design
The 6314A holds up to four 63102A load modules, which will result in an 8-channel 100W/channel load with standard front-panel inputs. This makes it ideal for testing multiple output switching power supplies and multiple DC-DC converters.

Application of Specific Load Simulation
The 6310A load modules operate in constant current, constant voltage, constant power or constant resistance to satisfy a wide range of test requirements. For example, the test of a battery charger can be simulated easily by setting the load to operate in constant voltage.

Dynamic Loading and Control
The 6310A loads offer high speed, programmable dynamic load simulation and control capability. The figure below shows the programmable parameters of the 6310A modules:

The programmable slew rate makes the simulation of transient load change demanded by real life applications possible. The 6310A internal waveform generator is capable of producing a maximum slew rate at 10A/µs, and dynamic cycling up to 20kHz.

Parallel Control
The 6310A provides parallel control, which enables high power testing when a single module cannot meet the requirement of high power applications. Two or more load modules can be paralleled together to achieve the desired loading. The 6310A comes with RS-232 as standard for remote control and automated testing applications. The USB and GPIB interfaces are available as options.

Powerful Measurements
Each 6310A load module has an integrated 16-bit precision A/D converter for voltage measurement with an accuracy of 0.025%+0.025% of full scale. The built-in resistive load current sensing circuit is capable of measuring current with an accuracy of 0.05%+0.05% of full scale.

OCP Test
By simply choosing the channel and setting the OCP parameters (start current, end current, step current and dwell time) from the front panel, the 6310A series provides a fast and easy OCP testing solution. The 6310A series will automatically detect the OCP point, making it an ideal solution for design verification as well as production line testing.

Timing Function
The 6310A series of loads include a unique timing & measurement function, which allows precise time measurements in the range of 1ms to 86,400s. This feature allows the user to set the final voltage & timeout values for battery discharge testing and other similar applications.

Digital I/O
The digital I/O interface makes the 6310A DC Load the ideal choice for automated testing requirements. Through the digital I/O, the 6310A can accept digital signals to trigger its functions (Load On/Off, OCP test, etc.) as well as current output status signals.

6310A Series Programmable DC Electronic Load Family



Model      Description
6312A  Mainframe for 2 Load Modules
6314A  Mainframe for 4 Load Modules
63101A  Load Module 80V / 40A / 200W
63102A  Load Module 80V / 20A / 100Wx2
63103A  Load Module 80V / 60A / 300W
63105A  Load Module 500V / 10A / 300W
63106A  Load Module 80V / 120A / 600W
63107A  Load Module 80V / 5A & 40A / 30W & 250W
63108A  Load Module 500V / 20A / 600W
63112A  Load Module 80V / 240A / 1200W
63123A  Load Module 120V / 70A / 350W
A631000  GPIB Interface for Model 6314A, 6312A
A631001 Remote Controller
A631003  USB Interface for Model 6314A, 6312A
A631005 Softpanel for 6310A/6330A series
A631007  Rack Mounting Kit for Model 6314A Mainframe
A800042  Test Fixture
A631006  Rack Mounting Kit for Model 6312A Mainframe
63110A  LED Load Simulator 500V / 2A /100W x 2
63113A  LED Load Simulator 300V / 20A /300W
63115A  LED Load Simulator 600V / 20A /300W

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