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High Slew Rate DC Electronic Load
6340 series  ( 625W )

High Slew Rate DC Electronic Load 6345
Chroma model 6345/6346
High Slew Rate DC Electronic Load

6310A Data Sheet
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  • Power Rating: 625W
  • Voltage range: 0.8-50V
  • Current range: 0A-150A
  • Slew rate: Up to 150A/µs
  • CC load mode
  • Dynamic loading: Up to 100KHz
  • Voltage / Current measurement
  • Voltage / Current monitor output
  • Peak voltage detection
  • Capable of testing up to 10 VRMs at a time
  • Current share measurement
  • Full protection: OP,OC,OV,OT, and reverse protection
  • GPIB and RS-232C interface

Chroma high slew rate load model 6340 series provides total solution for VRM testing. The VRM is introduced to substitute the power supply when micro processor draws a burst of current from it. Chroma high slew rate load model 6340 series is capable to simulate from 0.12A/µs to 150A/µs transit loading. And its voltage, current measurement and monitoring functions makes it an ideal test instrument for the designers or the manufacturers of high speed power delivery devices.

The model 6340 family offers 2 models with power ranging from 625, current from 100A to 150A, and slew rate control from 0.12A/µs to 1500A/µs at dynamic frequency up to 100KHz. All the loading and slew rate are programmable and can be controlled via front panel operation or RS-232C/GPIB interface.

The test fixture can be fabricated upon customers' specifications. It can be configured for 5 or 10 VRMs. With the individual channel current measurement, it allows users checking the current sharing characteristics of the VRM.

Chroma model 6340 series loads can draw its rated current under very low voltage ( 0.8V typical ). Even under the highest specified slew rate, it still can work under only 1V input voltage. The low voltage operating capability pervade the future trend of lowering VRM output voltage.

Voltage and current monitoring outputs allow users to observe the loading current and the output voltage of VRM via oscilloscope. In addition, the peak voltage measurement provides numerical reading of the over-shoot and under-shoot voltage of the UUT. Thus, users may specify the readings and perform GO/NG test.

Chroma model 6340 series loads have build-in fan speed control to minimize the audio noise. The self-diagnosis routine and the full protections against OPP, OCP, OVP, OTP and reverse polarity ensure the quality and reliability for even the most demanding engineering testing and ATS application.



Model      Description
6345  Milliohmmeter
6346  Milliohmmeter
A630002  6345/6346 GPIB option board
A634002  Fixture for 60 pin VRM
A634003  Fixture for 40 pin VRM
A634004  Fixture for 62 pin VRM

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