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Switching Power Supply ATS
Model 8000
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SMPS Automatic Test System mod. 8000
SMPS Automatic Test System moddel 8000
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Key Features:

    • Open architecture software
        • Expandable hardware support
        • Support GPIB instruments & RS232orRS485/I²C/CAN BUS interface
        • User editable test iteam
        • User editable test programs
        • User editable report format
        • Statistic report
        • On-Line control function
        • User authority control
        • Release control
        • Activity log
        • Master/Slave control mode
        • Multi-UUT test capability for single-output PSU
        • Support barcode reader
        • Support shop-floor control
        • Remote monitoring via internet
                                  • Test command optimizer helps to improve test speed
                                    • Capable of coding for any power supply testing applications
                                      • Comprehensive hardware modules provide high accuracy and repetitive measurements
                                        • High test throughput by system default test items
                                          • Microsoft word based evaluation report or UUT characterization
                                            • Cost effective
                                              • Other hardware expandable upon request
                                                • Windows 7/10 or higher based software
                                                The Chroma Power Supply Automatic Test system Model 8000 is the ultimate solution for power electronic testing. The system includes a wide range of hardware choice such as AC/DC Sources, Electronic Loads, DMM, Oscillate Scope, Noise Analyzer and Short /OVP Tester. This flexibility combined with its open architecture software platform-PowerPro III, gives users a flexible, powerful and cost effective test system for almost all types of power supply testing.

                                                The 8000 test system uses a unique test command optimization technology to prevent repetitive control commands from being sent to the system hardware devices. This improve test speed dramatically and makes the Chroma 8000 an ideal choice for both high speed production applications as well as design verification.

                                                The 8000 test system includes a sophisticated test executive which includes pre-written test items covering almost all industry standard power supply tests. User may also create new test items by using a special test item editing function. This gives users the capability to expand the test library unlimitedly.

                                                PowerPro III also includes power ful report, statistic and management functions, making the s ys tem capable to generate var ious tes t document s and per forming s ys tem administration. Because the test and statistical repor ts are critically impor tant in modern factories for R/D evaluation, QA verification and production tests, these functions are an integral part of the system.

                                                Working under Windows 7/10 the model 8000 provides test engineers with a dedicated power supply test system in an easy-to-learn Windows environment and allow access to resources provided by Windows.

                                                Comprehensive Test Items
                                                The Model 8000 automatic power supply test system comes standard with an off-the-shelf test item library covering most industry standard power supply tests. Unlike traditional ATE software, users do not need to have programming language background to create new test items. Instead the Model 8000 allow users to use pre-compiled test items and to simplify defining test conditions and specifications.

                                                The comprehensive test items cover 7 categories of power supply testing requirements. OUTPUT PERFORMANCE checks the general performances of the UUT. INPUT CHARACTERISTIC verifies the input parameters of a power supply. REGULATION tests the stability of the UUT under varying linein and loading changes. TIMING AND TRANSIENT measures the transient state during turn-on, turn-off or when events occurred. PROTECTION TESTS triggers the protection circuit of the power supply. Finally, the SPECIAL TEST and the SPECIAL FEATURES provides means to test the most sophisticated power supplies when unique test routines are needed.
                                                OUTPUT PERFORMANCES
                                                1. DC output voltage
                                                2. DC output current
                                                3. Peak-Peak noise
                                                4. RMS noise
                                                5. Current ripple*
                                                6. Efficiency
                                                7. In-test adjustment
                                                8. Power good signal
                                                9. Power fail signal
                                                10. P/ S ON signal
                                                11. Extended measure
                                                12. Waveform capture
                                                13. Overshoot voltage
                                                INPUT CHARACTERISTICS
                                                14. Input Inrush current
                                                15. Input RMS current
                                                16. Input peak current
                                                17. Input power
                                                18. Current harmonics against regulations
                                                19. Input power factor
                                                20. Input voltage ramp
                                                21. Input freq. ramp
                                                22. AC cycle drop out
                                                23. PLD simulation
                                                REGULATION TESTS
                                                24. Current regulation
                                                25. Voltage regulation
                                                26. Total regulation
                                                PROTECTION TESTS
                                                37. Short circuit
                                                38. OV protection
                                                39. UV protection
                                                40. OL protection
                                                41. OP protection
                                                TIMING AND TRANSIENT
                                                27. Power up sequence
                                                28. Power down sequence
                                                29. Transient response time
                                                30. Transient spike
                                                31. Turn ON time
                                                32. Rise time
                                                33. Fall time
                                                34. Hold-up time
                                                35. Extra timing
                                                36. Tracking
                                                SPECIAL TESTS
                                                42. Fan speed
                                                43. Correlation test
                                                44. UUT measurement verification test
                                                SPECIAL FEATURE
                                                45. Can bus read/ write
                                                46. I2C read/ write*
                                                47. GPIB read/ write
                                                48. RS-232 read/ write
                                                49. RS-485 read/ write*
                                                50. TTL signal control
                                                51. Relay control
                                                52. Bar code scan*
                                                53. DMM measure
                                                Software Platform of ATS
                                                The Model 8000 Test Systems include the industries most sophisticated power supply testing software platform, PowerPro III. PowerPro III provides users with an open software architecture suited for a wide range of applications and devices.

                                                Power Pro III is a Windows 7/10 environment, which provides necessary computer peripherals.
                                                ATS SoftwarePanel
                                                Chroma ATS 8000 Applications
                                                DC to DC Coverter Testing
                                                DC to DC Converter ATS
                                                Special Design Test Items (Load Fault Power Dissipation Test, Switching Frequency Test, Synchnization Frequency Test)
                                                Create Standard Test Fixture Platform (Receiver)
                                                Photovoltaic Inverter Testing
                                                Photovoltaic Inverter ATS
                                                The Chroma 8000 ATS is equipped with optimized standard test items for PV inverters (the Unit Under Test), It meets IEEE1547, 1547.1, UL1741, GB/T 19939, CGC/GF004 preliminary test requirements. The user is only required to define the test conditions and specifications for the standard test items to perform the test.
                                                Electric Vehicle Power Electronics Testing
                                                OBC/DC-DC Converter ATS
                                                For EV On-Board Charger and DC-DC Converter of different UUT characteristics, integrated connecting panel and exclusive test items including basic electrical characteristics and communication protocol test items are provided to shorten the test time greatly.
                                                Telecom Power Supply Testing
                                                Telecom Power Supply ATS
                                                For the Switching Mode Rectifier or Telecom Power Supply Testing, it should build in other special instruments just like :
                                                RF Voltmeter :
                                                It offers measurement with high-input impedance, excellent stability and low noise. It measures the wide band noise of SMR at different frequency.
                                                Transmission Impairment measurement Set :
                                                It offers testing of voice-grade data circuits and metallic digital circuits. It measures the output voltage voice and noise of SMR.
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