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LCR Meter mod. 100 / 101

LCR Meter 101
LCR Meter model 101

  • Basic Measurement Accuracy 0.2%
  • Bias Voltage can be applied from 0V to 35VDC on the rear panel
  • Large LED Display
  • Easy to operate
  • Guarded Four-Terminal Kelvin Connections to maintain Measurement Integrity
  • Cost effective solution for LCR Testing
  • Normal value setting for % display (101 only)
  • Measurement auto-ranging or hold-range
  • Series/Parallel circuit mode selectable

LCR meters mod. 100 and 101 are the instruments capable of measuring the primary parameters of inductance (L), capacitance (C), Resistance (R), and the secondary parameters of dissipation factor (D) and quality factor (Q). The 101 has built in normal value setup function (Δ%), and is designed with maximum flexibility as well as operation convenience in mind. The simple front panel of model 100/101 LCR Meter requires less effort to operate. Its digital display and user friendly control allow test parameters and limits to be set easily.

The 100/101 LCR Meter is an economical, user friendly, general-purpose meter for production test of inductors, capacitors and other LCR components. The 100/101 performs the primary measurements of L, C, and R and the secondary measurements of D and Q, L, C, and R, which are done at the frequency of 120Hz or 1kHz with a basic accuracy of ±0.2%.


The accuracy of the secondary parameters for D or Q <1 is ±0.001 for Q (with R), ±0.01 for Q (with L), and ±0.0005 for D (with C). Refer to the specifications for the accuracy of D and Q when D or Q is >1. Bias Voltage can be applied to capacitors by connecting an external voltage source on the rear panel. Bias levels from 0V to 35VDC are attainable. Two testing signal levels (0.25V/1V), two testing frequencies (120Hz/1kHz), selectable series/parallel circuit modes and three measurement speeds enable you to create your own test conditions.

An internal zeroing function is provided and selectable from the front panel. Auto/Manual ranging is selectable for the five measurement ranges.
Connection to the device under test (DUT) is through 4 BNC terminals on the 100/101 front panel units. Various test fixtures are provided for different device under test to improve the measurement throughput and reliability.


Model 100 101
Measurement Parameter
Primary Display L,C,R L,C,R, Δ%
Secondary Display Q, D
Test Signal Information
Test Level 0.25V 0.25V / 1.0V
Test Frequency 120Hz, 1kHz, (100Hz optional)
Frequency Accuracy 0.25%
Output Impedance Varies as range from 10Ω,1kΩ,100kΩ Varies as range from
10Ω,1kΩ,100kΩ for 0.25V test level
10Ω,100Ω,1kΩ,10kΩ,100kΩ for 1.0V test level
Display Range
Primary Parameters R : 0.0001Ω~99.999MΩ  L : 0.1µH ~9999.9H  C : 0.1pF ~9999F
Secondary Parameters Q : 0.0001 ~ 999.9    D : 0.0001 ~ 9.999
Basic Accuracy 0.2%
Measurement Speed
(at 1 kHz)
3 Measurements/Second
L, C, R 5 digits
Q, D Q, D 4 digits
Equivalent Circuit Series/Parallel
External DC Bias Voltage DC: 0 ~ 35V, Applied Current <200mA, Ripple <1mV peak to peak
Correction Function Zero
Operation Environment Operating : 0°C ~ 50°C   Storage : -45°C ~ 75°C   Humidity : <85%RH   Warm-Up Time : 15 minutes
Power Consumption 45VA maximum
Power Requirements 90Vac~125Vac or 190Vac~250Vac, 48Hz~62Hz
Weight Approx. 3.5 kg
Dimension (W X H X D) 270 x 105 x 350 mm

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