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Electronic Loads (EL+)
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Cinergia Plus Unit
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Key Features:

  • Bidirectional and Regenerative
  • Clean grid current: THDi < 3% and PF > 0.98
  • 13 models from 6.75kW to 160kW
  • Parallel operation of units to increase the power
  • 5 versions: AC only, Power Amplifier for PHIL, AC/DC, DC only (see B2C+ datasheet) and High Frequency
  • 360-900Hz AC model
  • Emulation of grid-connected devices:
    • Loads absorbing energy from the grid
    • Generators injecting energy to the grid
    • Programmable Active/Reactive consumption
    • Non linear currents up to CF of 3
  • Independent phase configuration of:
    • rms Current, Phase angle, Harmonics, Interharmonics, generation of fast transients (”Current Dips”)
  • Intuitive User Interface Software

  • Low Ripple Inductance to reduce the current ripple
  • Dual Sensing Range for low current applications
  • Multichannel mode (included in all models from 7.5 to 60, both included)
  • 30kHz Switching Frequency (only available for models 15, 20 and 30. Power is derated to 7.5, 7.5 and 10kW respectively)
  • Isolation monitor / Anti-islanding monitor
  • High Voltage (HV)
  • RS485, RS232, CAN
  • Battery Emulation, PV Panel Emulation (only available for Power Amplifier and AC/DC versions)
Electronic Load
CINERGIA’s Electronic Loads are programmable current sources designed to emulate the electrical behaviour of passive and active devices connected to the grid. The uniqueness of these Regenerative systems, lies in its ability to emulate loads, generators and energy storage systems while saving Energy and Power.
Save Energy, Power and Time
Cinergia's regenerative Electronic Load Plus efficiently controls the output current and, thanks to its bidirectional power platform, the energy used during the test is fed back into the grid. This produces net energy savings and decreases utility power, ultimately resulting in a significant reduction of capital equipment amortization time.  
Smartgrids and Electrical Vehicles
Represent key application areas. The EL+ can be used to emulate electrical appliances, home or office appliances as well as emulate Distributed Energy Resources and Energy Storage Systems connected to the grid. In the Electrical Vehicles space, the EL+ can be used to test EV devices, EVSE infrastructure equipment and Vehicle to Grid applications.  
Modes of Operation
Version AC Only
  • CC: AC-only Programmable Current Source
  • CP/CS: AC-only Programmable Active/Reactive Power Source
  • CZ: AC-only Programmable Impedance

Version AC/DC
  • CC, CP/CS, CZ in AC or DC
  • Power Amplifier
  • DC current/power/resistance, Battery Test
  • Optional: Battery Emulation, PV Panel Emulation

Version Power Amplifier
  • CC, CP/CS, CZ in AC or DC
  • Power Amplifier
  • Optional: DC voltage, BatTest, BatEmu, PVEmu

All Versions
  • AC Disturbance Generation Mode, Automated testing from .csv file
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