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Grid Emulator (GE+)
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Cinergia Plus Unit
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Key Features:

  • Bidirectional and Regenerative Clean grid current: THDi < 3% and PF > 0.98
  • 13 models from 6.75kW to 160kW
  • Parallel operation of units to increase the power
  • Voltage Range: up to 277Vrms (295Vrms with HV)
  • 3 Versions: AC only, Power Amplifier for PHIL, AC/DC
  • Generation of Worldwide electrical grids: 3-Phase / 1-Phase / Split Phase / Multichannel
  • Independent phase configuration of: Voltage rms, Phase angle, Frequency and Harmonics
  • Generation of disturbances: Harmonics, interharmonics, subharmonics, voltage dips, frequency variation, flicker
  • Disturbance Generation Editor compatible with IEC, LVRT, SEMI-F47, CBEMA test standards
  • Intuitive User Interface Software

  • Multichannel mode (included in all models from 7.5 to 60)
  • 30kHz Switching Frequency (only available for models 15, 20 and 30. Power is derated to 7.5, 7.5 and 10kW respectively)
  • Isolation monitor / Anti-islanding monitor
  • High Voltage (HV)
  • RS485, RS232, CAN
  • Battery Emulation, PV Panel Emulation
  • Serialization / Parallelization
Cinergia's Grid Emulators are programmable Voltage Sources designed to create stable AC grids as well as electrical disturbances. Based on Regenerative and Bidirectional power hardware, it is a key device for development and testing of Renewable Energy Sources (PV, WT, CHP) and other grid connected devices.

The following three versions are available in the GE+ Series:

  • GE+ vAC: AC Ouput Mode. No DC or HIL support
  • GE+ vAC/DC Full (vAC/DC): Full featured version. Can be used also in PHIL applications using power amplifier mode. Combines GE+ vAC and a B2C+ in one single unit. Power in DC mode is the same as power in AC mode (no derating). Operation modes: AC: CV | DC:CV, CC, CR, CP and optionally Battery Testing, Battery Emulation and PV Panel Emulation
  • GE+ vHIL (vAC/DC Lite): Unit optimized for for PHIL applications. Includes the power amplifier mode. Power in DC mode is 50% of power in AC mode. Operation modes: CV standard, other modes optional.
Efficiency and Flexibility
GE+ units efficiently convert AC to AC with Regenerative capability. The system has been specially designed to bring a high level of flexibility to testing featuring independent configuration of each output phase: magnitude, phase, frequency, harmonics, ramps, voltage dip rise/fall along with a comprehensive set of alarms and limits for EUT protection.  
Harmonics Generation
The PLUS series comes with an improved control of harmonics based on resonant controllers. The fundamental frequency is individually set on each phase and the user can control, for each phase, the multiple harmonics up to the 15th and one free harmonic to create sub/inter/high frequency harmonics up to the 50th.  
High-Resolution and Dynamics
The fully-digital DSP-based control system is based on a 300kHz oversampling of the currents and voltages. This data is processed to provide high-resolution and low-noise measurements enabling the output cascaded PI Controllers to produce accurate outputs and fast transients.  
Smooth Integration
All models integrate the electrical protections, terminal blocks, local touchscreen, analogue and digital I/O, local emergency stop push button as well as input&output emergency signals for the general interlock system. Interfacing remotely a unit is simple by using the Modbus Ethernet connection (open protocol), User interface Software and Labview drivers supplied.
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