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DSP-WR series
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Programmable DC Power Supply DSP-WR series
Programmabler DC Power Supply - DSP-WR series
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Key Features:

      • 95% High Efficiency
      • .99 PF (AC480V 3Ø Input)
      • MHz interleave technology
      • MHz switching frequency
      • 5" 800x480 LCD+Touch Screen
      • Intuitive human interface
      • Low ripple
      • Internal resistance simulator
      • Adjustable ramp up/down
      • Graphical control software
                        This is the world first DC Power Supply with Wide Range Input and Wide Range Output

                        • MHz switching frequency (15kW and 18kW models), extremely low output ripple and noise.
                        • Multiple 32 bit ARM based embedded system, fast boot time of 10 seconds or less.
                        • Use Wide Bandgap power semiconductors such as SiC MOSFET SBD, result in better performance, higher efficiency and lower heat dissipation.
                        • Adjustable output voltage, current and power.
                        • Constant Voltage(CV), Constant Current(CC) and Constant Power(CP) - CV, CC or CP working priority setting.
                        • With internal resistance adjustment function to simulate characteristic of battery.
                        • Provide True RMS current and True Watt readings.
                        • 18 bit DAC for Setting and 24 bit ADC for Measurement.
                        • Built-in RTC, time is still reliable even when disconnected from time server.
                        • Customize time synchronization server possible.
                        • Remote sense functionality compensation voltage up to 5V.
                        Output Characteristic

                        State-of-the-art DSP-Wx provides various voltage and current combinations at full power. Conventional power supplies with rectangular output characteristics provide full power at only one voltage and current combination,  but one DSP-Wx does the job of multiple power supplies, it's just like having 3 to 5 unit power supplies in one.
                        Power Rating
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