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M550 Impedance Calibrator

Calibratore M550
M151 High current calibrator

  • Resistance standards from 0.1 Ω to 100 MΩ
  • Capacitance standards from 10 pF to 100 µF
  • Simulated inductance standards from 10 µH to 10 H
  • Four pair coaxial terminal connection, four terminal connection, two terminal connection
  • Calibration data from 20 Hz to 1 MHz
  • Interface bus GPIB and RS232 as standard

M550 Data Sheet
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Impedance calibrator M550 is device designed for calibration of LCR meters in frequency range up to 1 MHz. It contains resistance standards in range 100 mΩ up to 100 MΩ of decimal nominal values, partial capacitance standards in range 10 pF to 100 µF and partial simulated inductance standards in range from 1 µH to 10 H. RC T-type passive network is used for inductance simulation. Calibration values of both complex parameters of partial standards are displayed in one of preselected pair of parameters. Precise, temperature independent and long life stable components are applied on positions of partial standards.

The calibrator offers either coaxial output terminals for calibration of four-pair terminal LCR meters, and banana four mm terminals for two- and four-wire connection. OPEN and SHORT reference positions are available as well. Calibrator is equipped with meter of test signal which displays frequence, voltage nad current of test signal. Easy recalibration system offers either full recalibration in all spot frequency points or simplified offset calibration. History of calibration values of partial standards at reference frequency 1 kHz can be easily recalled.

All functions of the calibrator can be controlled using IEEE488 bus or RS232 interface.

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